Gpsmycity: Lose Yourself Without Getting Lost


Please tell me you’re not one of the many people I see standing on the corner holding a big map; looking up, looking down, looking left, looking down, looking right, looking down…again etc. Oh and I sincerely hope you are not the one who has been sitting at a coffee shop, a block away from your accommodations with a 500-page travel guidebook filled with sticky tabs and dog ears. Trying to find what you said you wanted to visit when you arrive at your destination.

Paper Maps & Guide Books

Researching a new destination can be either fun or frustrating while exploring a new destination can be either exciting or overwhelming. Pens, pencils, highlighters, notepads, guide books, and pictures, sprawled across the hotel bed or your living room floor. Meanwhile, on your computer, phone, and tablet, you have to navigate between devices, your bookmarked website page links, pins on Pinterest, pins on Google Maps and various email correspondences.

Once you arrive at your destination you need to not only remember all your points of interest and why you wanted to see them. You also need to figure out how to get to them and the logistics of fitting everything you want to see and do into your day. If you are short trip planners like us, considering taking a quick trip or planning some activities to do during a long layover. The planning and navigating process can become even more daunting when time is of the essence.

Photo by: David Tapia San Martin

Travel Inspiration

What inspires a particular point of interest in a different city are the stories and history behind that particular statue; market, food & drink, garden, architecture, plaza, church, festival, etc. I’ve been interviewing fellow travel bloggers for a few months now on my podcast Travel Horror Stories and I’ve slowly come to realize another inspirational aspect in the decision-making process. It’s being able to relate to an individual’s honest experiences and stories, whether good or bad about a destination’s points of interest. This is what travel bloggers do so well, but let’s face it. Sometimes we just want to be told where to go and what to see.

What if I told you there was an app that can take a travel blogger’s insightful, informative and inspirational post about a destination and its points of interest and convert it into a GPS tour guide that you can download to your iPhone or Android and use offline. Well, my friends, there is and it’s called GPSmyCity. So with the app in hand, our goal is to try to take you gently into the night…I mean the future. So fold that map back up (if you can) and return the guidebook back to the local library.


Introducing GPS-guided travel articles?

GPSmyCity is an app that curates a huge collection of travel articles written by travel bloggers. Travel bloggers who are already known and trusted for writing posts about points of interest, restaurants, accommodations, museums etc., These blog posts and articles are then converted into mobile apps that can be downloaded onto mobile phones and tablets. Travellers can read those posts at any time as if they were reading them from the travel blogger’s website. It’s similar to bookmarking a web page for offline use but GPSmyCity doesn’t stop there.

Aside from the ability to read and refer to your free article app at any time whether on the plane, at your accommodation or standing right in front of the point of interest. Readers have the option to upgrade their article by paying a small fee that connects the article to an offline map and a GPS navigation engine. Once upgraded, if the readers need to visit any of the landmarks, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, museums, viewpoints etc, that were mentioned in the blog post/article they can click the “Go There” button next to the attraction name in the article. A travel route with options for walking, driving and cycling will be created on an offline map to that particular place. Let me remind you that the article app works offline so data plan…what data plan? There are no roaming charges.

Other GPSmyCity Articles by Rudderless Travel

As per usual, I will show you how to make the most of your time whether you have 24, 48 or 72 hours. You will visit landmarks, eat local cuisine, see some awesome architecture, learn some fascinating history and so much more…

Lastly, GPSmyCity has established the Blog2App program which aims to help all those travel writers and travel bloggers (like myself) to monetize the articles and blog posts they contributed to the GPSmyCity platform when the reader updates. So everybody wins! The traveller gets an informative offline guide and map with a route plotted out based on the blog post written by a traveller blogger. The traveller blogger and maintain their travel blog and GPSmyCity can continue developing their platform.

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