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Experiencing Slovenian Cuisine Through The BiteMojo App

Experiencing Slovenian Cuisine Through The BiteMojo App

Last year, I arrived in Ljubljana from Zagreb late in the afternoon excited to meet two amazing food & travel bloggers Daryl and Mindi Hirsch from the 2 Food Trippers for a bite to eat. If they’re circling around Ljubljana restaurants then you know what that means…

I never claimed to be a foodie. I love food. Probably much more than just your basic need of sustenance. But not enough to dedicate a whole blog to its pursuit of happiness.


Slovenian Cuisine 

The Perfect Ljubljana Food Tour

Admittedly, I’ve been known to take pictures and videos of food (we’ll call that work research) but I’m definitely not waiting in a three-hour line for the newest trending ice cream concoction. All that said Ljubljana is quickly becoming a foodie hotspot. It’s an outdoor food festival called the Open Kitchen – Food Market, which takes classic Slovenian food and Slovenian desserts and adds a modern twist. The market is crazy busy – I had to make my way through that craziness on another food tour I was a part of…

Speaking of which – what if I told you there was an app that creates guided tours, curated with foods and drinks that are unique to a specific country, region or city? The app would bring you around to various restaurants where you can sample local dishes, drink local beverages and learn some local history while you at it.

There is and it’s called BiteMojo – Here’s how it works…

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As a person who blogs and vlogs about shirt trips and mini breaks; weekend getaways, business travel, stopovers and layover itineraries BiteMojo is the perfect companion to my Itineraries because, it adds a larger, more local and cultural food component.

I found prior to using the app I already included all the points of interest in a logistical order. The BiteMojo app added unique restaurants (Slovenian food and drink) that allowed me to sample bites on a Ljubljana food tour, in between those points of interest.

An added value for the users of my Itineraries.

Speaking of which I have a great 2 Day Ljubljana, Itinerary that incorporates the BitoMojo Tour perfectly. Check it out HERE  

My good friend and fellow travel blogger Danielle from the Thought Card went on the BiteMojo Self-Guided Gothic Tour in Barcelona so check it out!

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Thursday 8th of December 2022

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