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As my love affair with backpacks continues, you may have remembered my last post about the best carry-on backpack

I have more camera bags than Kim Kardashian has Birkin bags.

Jeez, it can be so hard to find that perfect backpack that checks all your boxes. I have had my fair share of ordeals trying to find the one. I consider myself somewhat of a bag connoisseur. Whether it is a sling bag, a carry-on bag, or a laptop bag, you’ve got my attention. There are a few non-negotiables to consider when looking for the best everyday backpack when it comes down to it.

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As a photography enthusiast, my camera gear must have a safe place to be stored. I’m also looking for style and a degree of compactness. The last thing you want is to lug around something overly bulky on your back from one place to the next – trust me; I know this all too well. I need the bag to be relatively accessible for when that perfect shot, whether with my DSLR or my drone, presents itself or when going through border security at the airport (when flying was a thing).

All that said, the backpack won’t exclusively be used for photography and videography work all the time; I’d like a bag that can be used for everyday business (when meeting with people in person was a thing). And lastly, we can all agree that quality and durability are essential. I don’t want to replace my bag every few months after it can’t handle the heat – a backpack needs to last a good few years. So without further ado, let’s dive right into some of the best women’s and men’s backpacks for travelling and everyday use. 

What I Look for When Choosing Between the Best Backpacks

1. Standard Luggage Co. Daily Backpack

Let’s start with my absolute favourite to date made by the good people over at Standard Luggage. It’s a great Canadian company, I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with its Owner/CEO, and I’m a huge fan of their high quality and durable products.

If you are after the best backpack for travel, then this is a definite product to consider. This backpack is a bit smaller (18L capacity) and is well-suited for everyday use. Like the 35L carry on backpack, this product can convert into a backpack, briefcase, or messenger bag. It comes with a premium shoulder strap and the ability to hide the backpack straps into the back panel when you want to use it as a messenger bag or briefcase.

This backpack has many convenient internal pockets, a water bottle pocket, and a rain cover. Plus, the RFID-secure pocket, which keeps your digital information safe, is a particularly cool feature as well. There is an integrated USB charging port (battery pack, not included) to ensure that your devices are always fully operational while you are on the go. A game-changer if you’ve ever seen the hoards of people with their devices plugged into the airport and train outlets.

As for gear, it has dedicated cushioned pockets to hold a 15-inch laptop and a 10-inch tablet safely, but what I love the most is that it opens like a clamshell. Full wrap-around and lockable zippers allow me to pack my camera gear like I would a suitcase. It makes it easy for me to access what I need when I need it. Gone are the days of the top-loading backpack were digging through contents or removing items to get to what you need inconveniently at the bottom. this also makes going through airport security a breeze as well. 

Overall, this is a sleek and stylish backpack that is ideal for travel. It may have a bit less space than the following products, but with its many advanced features, this is certainly a top carry-on-sized backpack.

Price $89.99

2. Dinictis 40L Carry on Travel Laptop Backpack

This is one of the best unisex backpacks for men and women and makes travelling a breeze. If you’re after something slightly bigger, this 40L bag is perfect. It is also wonderfully durable. The fabric is made of high-density scratch-resistant and water-repellent polyester. This strengthens the key points of force on the bag, which provides a product that withstands the test of time. 

This backpack makes for an ideal weekend, vacation, or business trip bag as well as an excellent practical gift. The foam compartments are suitable for a 10.1-inch tablet and a 15.6-inch laptop. The hidden shoulder straps not only make for a sleek design, but they make the bag easy to carry and lift. 

If being organized is key during your travels and scratching about to find what you need frustrates you endlessly – as it does me, then this compartmentalized backpack is a gem. Enjoy a variety of pockets and dividers like a front pocket for your phone, keys, and wallet. There is also a special laptop compartment and a mesh section ideal for finding small items easily. 

The spacious design makes it more than possible to enjoy extended trips while not having to compromise on your favourite things. It allows you to bring bulkier items like your photography equipment along. This is one of the best everyday backpacks and an excellent pick.

Price: $45.99 

3. Lamaki Urban Black Backpack for Women And Men 25L

This EDC backpack (everyday carry) is the best backpack for those who live out dynamic and diverse days. If

This EDC backpack (everyday carry) is the best backpack for those who live out dynamic and diverse days. If you’re a classic commuter looking to live your day on-the-go with all your essentials on your back, then look no further. 

This women’s and men’s backpack was designed for the traveller tired of continuously carrying multiple bags with them. With this unique bag, you can bring your laptop, gym gear, and personal items all in one bag. One of the best features is the allowance for your wet swimming things after a day at the gym or outdoors. 

Enjoy flexible compartments with easy access and space to store all your items. There is a designated laptop pouch for a computer up to 15-inches and mesh compartments for your other valuables which will be safely secured with a zipper.

This is also the perfect bike commuter’s bag. The backpacks are designed with reflective strips to ensure your safety on the road, and a comfortable design while you travel or run to catch the bus. 

Another one of the special touches on this backpack is the bottom compartment, specially created to store your shoes. It’s designed to keep the rest of your belongings, like clothes and cameras, clean and separate. You can take this bag everywhere with you, from work to play and play to work and enjoy its delightful versatility.

Price: $44.99

Final Thoughts on the Best EDC Backpack for Men and Women

Whether you are a travel photographer, adventurer, or simply living busy on-the-go days, a good backpack makes all the difference when it comes to convenience and comfort. 

These have been 3 of the most diverse, best backpacks for men and women. I’m sure you’ll find the best EDC bag for you and your needs.

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