Atlas Amulet Recycled Sterling Silver Necklace For Travellers (Review)


Twenty-twenty has been a pretty rough year. Scary, challenging & unpredictable. For us, in the travel space, it’s been particularly tough with international travel for pleasure temporarily grounded. Like I giant resent button, I’ve learned a lot about the value of family, friends, and finance, but I also learned about the importance of nature and our environment. 

With the world constantly changing and so many new sustainable options becoming available, it’s now easier to choose more ethical products. When Atlas Accessories reached out and offered to send me the Silver Amulet Necklace to review, I couldn’t refuse.

The exceptional quality, stylish look, and story behind the silver amulet necklace from Atlas Accessories make them quite distinct and me looking distinguished 😉 

Jewelry is something that human beings have used for centuries, and for me, I’ve gone through a fair amount of necklaces – mostly pieces that spoke to me. At the same time, I navigated the mazes and narrow alleyways of outdoor markets on my many travels. 

For some, wearing accessories on our bodies helps us express ourselves, tells of our status in life, and reminds us of loved ones. For me, a necklace or bracelet was always something reminiscent of a souvenir that would bring back to the places I fell in love with. This is exactly why Atlas Accessories is so enthusiastic about creating pieces that do all of that and more. 

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that can be worn by even the most rugged traveller (me) but also has a story to tell, keep reading. This review will shine a light on the necklace made from recycled sterling silver and ethically sourced leather.

Dark Havana English Bridle Necklace

Unique, hand-crafted, and made to last, Atlas Accessories silver amulet necklaces make for excellent gifts and ideal body accessories for avid travellers. They’re also quite stylish for both ladies and gentlemen. 

These necklaces come in three sizes; small, medium, and large. But you can also provide your measurements and receive a custom size specially made for you. 
Get your very own recycled sterling silver and dark Havana English bridle amulet necklace here.

The Necklace Features

Each part of the necklace has its own unique characteristic. They bind together to create the incredible piece of craftsmanship that Atlas Accessories is so well known for.

The Leather Strand

The cow/steer hide used to make the leather strand of the necklace is sustainably sourced from a family-owned business in the UK. It’s oak bark or vegetable tanned leather that is infused with tallows, waxes, and oils. 

 The leather is made to be durable and needs very little care and attention given to it. This is a long-lasting piece of jewelry.

The Amulet

Amulets are thought to bring the wearer protection against disease, evil, and other dangers. This is where these charming necklaces offer symbolic meaning. This specific amulet is made from recycled sterling silver which is connected to our emotions.

The sterling silver amulet connects the wearer to the psychic mind and brings about emotional balance and calm.


All of Atlas’ packing is 100% recycled. This necklace is shipped in a really neat-looking box, which makes it ready to give as a gift.

The Clasp

The clasp fastened at each end of the leather strand is also made from recycled sterling silver. 

Fashion Sustainability

The materials used to make these Atlas creations are ethically and sustainably sourced, but the company also works to ensure that their workers are treated well. They take great care to ensure that what they do as a company is good for the earth as well the people they work with and sell to. 

Atlas Care Guide

These necklaces are extremely easy to care for. Since they have been designed to be worn constantly, you don’t have to worry about too much wear and tear. In fact, the leather will become more durable with time and exposure to the elements. 

When you buy your amulet necklace, you will also be sent some wax oil, which can be used on the leather to keep it healthy. Rubbing some of this oil into the leather is about the only care that it needs.

About Atlas Accessories

Atlas Accessories create beautiful hand-made jewelry that is made to last. Each piece is made to be worn daily and not become useless waste to be added to the earth. They are passionate about sustainability and it shows in their work as well as their actions. 


Because of Atlas co-founder Gregory French’s strong belief in body accessories being ways to tell stories and mark memories, he has been an accessory collector since high school. But he noticed that these pieces would not last him very long. 

And so he began making his own jewelry and symbolic pieces that were handcrafted and durable. After meeting his co-founder Dagna, a brilliant jewelry crafter, they put their ideas and skills together to form Atlas Accessories.

Company Mission

The company aims to make unique natural accessories that help tell people’s stories. These become memories that you wear and take with you every day. They also strive to produce their product in a sustainable and ethical way and to give back where and when they can.

Compassion Projects

One of the amazing things about Atlas is that your purchase helps the company give back to one of their appointed organizations. With each accessory that is bought, Atlas donates 5% of the proceeds – and the buyer gets to decide where those funds go.

The company has three selected charities so that, as the customer, you can choose to help train conservation dogs, plant trees, or conserve environments. This makes each piece just that little bit more special to buy and wear – knowing it’s helped someone else as well.

Other Atlas Amulet Collection Pieces

Aside from the stylish sterling silver amulet, Atlas Accessories also boast a series of other fashionable necklaces. These include:

  • Recycled 14K yellow gold amulet with African kudu leather strand
  • Baltic amber (green, brown, dark brown, black, or honey) pendant and leather strand
  • Jade (jadeite or nephrite) and Australian kangaroo strand
  • Brown dinosaur gem bone and dark Havana English bridle strand
  • Red/white dinosaur gem bone and American bison strand
  • Mountain crystal and African kudu strand
  • Lapis lazuli and African kudu strand
Amulets – Atlas Accessories, London.
Atlas Accessories, London.
Atlas Accessories, London.

Atlas Amulet – Stylish, Sustainable, and Symbolic

These sturdy accessories look great on anyone and everyone – and they have real meaning behind them. They make for fantastic gifts, for a special loved one or yourself.

These are portable storytellers. Symbolic accessories that will gain new stories and memories as you wear them. And there’s no need to pack them away, never to be admired. This necklace is made to be worn and seen. Whether you are at home with family, summiting a mountain, or swimming under a waterfall.

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