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Toronto Budget: How Much Does It Cost To Go To Toronto?

Now depending on your needs and interests, your Toronto budget may look different from mine. Nevertheless, use this detailed spending plan as a guide. It’ll give you a better sense: of how much does it cost to go to Toronto. It’ll also shed some light on the spending pitfalls to avoid. Only an hour away…


Atlas Amulet Recycled Sterling Silver Necklace For Travellers (Review)

Twenty-twenty has been a pretty rough year. Scary, challenging & unpredictable. For us, in the travel space, it’s been particularly tough with international travel for pleasure temporarily grounded. Like I giant resent button, I’ve learned a lot about the value of family, friends, and finance, but I also learned about the importance of nature and…


Best Carry On Backpack Review – Standard Luggage (Travel Bags & Packing Cubes)

As a travel videographer, editor and photographer when it comes to camera gear, I hold this truth to be self-evident: I have more camera bags than Kim Kardashian has Birkin bags. That said, my camera bag fetish goes far beyond just camera bags. I’m into backpacks, sling bags, laptop bags, briefcases, shoulder bags, suitcases, carry-on…


AirWander – What Is A Stopover… Redefined

When I first decided to start sharing my travel stories through this blog, I realized that in order to stand out from the other travel bloggers, I needed to niche down to a specific travel style. Determined, I kicked up a massive dust storm rifling through my travel videos, pictures and past travel itineraries searching…

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Experiencing Slovenian Cuisine Through The BiteMojo App

Last year, I arrived in Ljubljana from Zagreb late in the afternoon excited to meet two amazing food & travel bloggers Daryl and Mindi Hirsch from the 2 Food Trippers for a bite to eat. If they’re circling around Ljubljana restaurants then you know what that means… I never claimed to be a foodie. I…


Prana: Sustainable & Affordable Fair Trade Clothing For World Travellers

I never positioned myself as a person who was overly concerned about sustainability.  I know that sounds bad – but at its core, I understand what sustainable means from a work perspective. Since my full-time gig evolves working with teachers and parents of children with special needs, sustainable for me means; creating goals for a…