I promised myself that every time I come back, looking for things to do in NYC, I’ll include exploring a different borough.

I, like most visitors who are looking for things to do in NYC tend to create a New York itinerary solely for Manhattan. I get it. It’s where all the well-known tourist attractions are found so naturally, those visiting NYC for the first time will gravitate to the touristy stuff.

Coming from Toronto, I am a short one and a half hour flight away which means I have the luxury of visiting the Big Apple more frequently.

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The 48 Hour New York Itinerary Brooklyn Neighborhood Edition

Go, Brooklyn, Go, Brooklyn, Go, Brooklyn!

Don’t get me wrong, I will never get bored of Manhattan. The island is amazing!

All I’m saying is that when you say New York there are four other boroughs besides Manhattan to explore. Since my beautiful family resides in Brooklyn New York it was the obvious borough to explore first.

Every time I visit New York I must spend an afternoon/evening with my family (my aunt and her husband cook up this mouth-watering feast).

Pray. Eat. Laugh. Then talks of travel, politics, history, family etc. I look forward to it every year!

Ok, 2 days in Brooklyn. This will be a small taste of some awesome Brooklyn attractions, that will include foodie spots, beer spots, instagrammable spots and some history spots for those who like that stuff.

But first, let talk accommodations…

The Best Place To Stay In New York City

Well as you can probably imagine when it comes to accommodations there are tons of options. Naturally Manhattan and it’s touristy areas will have the most pricey options but you can still find some reasonable selections. I’ve personally stayed in the Row NYC and from check-in to the room itself the place is fantastic. Right around the corner from Times Sq. too!

My brother stayed in 1 Hotel Central Park and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge during the same weekend. He’s loved the 1 Hotel brand ever since staying in the one in Miami. He raved about these hotels nonstop while hanging out on the rooftop patio of the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge waited for is room to be ready. The hotel’s interior is stunning and the view of the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge from the hotel’s patio is breathtaking.

However, if you’re like me and just want a place to rest your head without the bells and whistles then an Airbnb out in New Jersey will do just fine for your budget.

Here are the 3 we’ve stayed in, all are on or near The PATH line which makes getting into New York simple. 

Convenient Room Steps To NYC Path
Private room in apartment, Sleeps 2
Cozy Condo near NYC @ Great Value
Private room in apartment, Sleeps 1:
Comfy & Convenient in Trendy & Upscale Hoboken
Private room in apartment, Sleeps 2

Day 1

Brooklyn Bridge

The iconic Brooklyn Bridge is where I ended my original 48 Hour New York Itinerary for Manhattan before heading into Brooklyn for my Aunts epic dinner. It stretches 1,825m (roughly 6,000ft!) and the New York landmark towers over the Hudson River connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn. The bridges upper level has a world renowned pedestrian/cyclist walkway while the lower level of the bridge functions as a roadway for vehicles traveling to and from the two boroughs.


Insert elephant joke here_____. I, however, am too mature. DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Not sure if its an East Coast thing but we tend to just call it like it is. Newfoundland and its weird but obvious names are proof of my theory. I can’t confirm this for sure but I heard that comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said Dumbo was once called Down Under the Manhattan Bridge but the locals didn’t like being called DUMB so they added the overpass.

Anyways, this legendary Brooklyn neighborhood is well known for its cobblestone streets, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and eccentric vibes.

Manhattan Bridge (Once Upon A Time In America)

Although the Manhattan Bridge is often overshadowed by the famous Brooklyn Bridge, it set the precedent for modern suspension bridges in the U.S. Despite being the “little sibling” of the two bridges, the Manhattan Bridge has the one-up on the Brooklyn Bridge: it has a vehicle roadway on the upper level, a pedestrian/cyclist walkway on the lower level, and is part of the above ground line for the D, B, Q, N trains.

One Girl Cookies

With all three of its locations in Brooklyn, One Girl Cookies is a one of a kind “artisanal” bakery specializing in cakes, cookies, and pies. The company’s rich history is perfectly complemented by its deliciously rich sweets!

Yeah, it took me a while to get outta here!

Main Street Park

Jane’s Carousel

Originally built in 1922 for Idora Park in Youngstown, Ohio, Jane’s Carousel has now become an iconic Brooklyn attraction. The carousel was purchased in an auction in 1983 by David and Jane Walentas who immediately restored the carousel to its original beauty.

Brooklyn Heights 

Brooklyn Heights is an affluent residential area here in Brooklyn well known for its low-rise architecture and its many brownstone rowhouses.

Luke’s Lobster

Luke’s Lobster first opened in the East Village in 2009 bringing traceable, sustainable seafood to guests across the country. Working directly with fishermen the cut out the middleman for the best tasting lobster, crab and shrimp.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

What used to be a fireboat house is now a small ice-cream shop serving delicious ice cream with an unreal view of the Manhattan skyline.

Sweet! Literally.


If there’s one thing Brooklyn is well-known for, it is the city’s celebration for the arts. Bargemusic, once a coffee barge, is now a quaint performing arts center overlooking the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline. The wooden floors, intimate setting, and the old-school aesthetic of Bargemusic make it an ideal place to enjoy live performances year-round.


When it comes to being hip and fad, Williamsburg takes the cake. This eclectic Brooklyn neighbourhood seamlessly meshes Orthodox Jewish culture with everything that is trending in contemporary culture. If you’re looking for bars, dining options, boutiques, thrift shops, the arts, or just about anything, Williamsburg is a one-stop-shop for almost everything that’s trending in Brooklyn.

Smorgasburg Food Market

Smorgasburg Food Market is arguably the largest “weekly open-air food market in America” welcoming up to 30,000 patrons each weekend! I highly, recommend stopping by for locally sourced ingredients and yummy treats.


Thenorthernmost Brooklyn neighbourhood with a large Polish community often referred to as Little Poland.

Greenpoint Beer & Ale

According to their website, Greenpoint Beer & Ale makes flavorful small-batch ales, lagers, and brew beers five barrels at a time.

“Our aim is to make beer with respect and honour for the great brewing traditions of England, Belgium, and Germany while embracing the creative spirit for which the U.S. craft beer movement is known and loved.

Brewing on a five-barrel system gives us the flexibility to experiment freely, developing our own ideas about beer.

I visited the town Jever, (in Germany) where this beer is made!
Hanging out with my friends Emilija & Danielle from the Thought Card)



Southern French cuisine with a Marseille ambiance, that’s how I would describe Fada. Fada has been serving fine Southern French food since 2002 and carries the heart and culinary palette of South French cuisine all the way to Brooklyn.

Woops! BakeShop

Just a few steps away from Fada is “Woops! Bakeshop” (macaron heaven) with what seems to be an endless variety of flavours. Woops! has a macaron for just about every craving.

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Day 2


Toby’s Estate Coffee

Looking for a small artisanal coffee shop in Brooklyn minus the obnoxious hip vibes? Toby’s Estate Coffee, a “small batch roaster” prides itself on the quality and complexity of its world-sourced coffee. The dedicated team at Toby’s makes it its mission to provide customers with some of the best coffee west of the Atlantic!

Mast Brothers Chocolate

“The family that eats together stays together” This statement is literally true! Mast Brothers Chocolate is a Brooklyn-based family business that prides itself on sustainability, minimal processing, minimal sugar-use, and organic ingredients.

How can you say no to chocolate that’s been well-received by The New York Times?!

Earwax Records

“Williamsburg’s oldest record shop; still here in 21st century Williamsburg”. Need I say more? Earwax Records has been in Williamsburg since 1991 and continues to sell vinyl, CDs, cassettes, posters, and just about anything pertaining to music.

Places like this are nostalgic for me.

When I was a kid I used to take apart and put together my Dad’s turntable. Needless to say, he was not impressed.  But the smell of records, the cover art and the sound it produced is incomparable.


Five Leaves

Five Leaves is an ideal place for having brunch while you’re in Brooklyn. The menu is a fusion of New American cuisine drizzled with a bit of Australian panache.

Greenpoint | Williamsburg

McCarren Park

McCarren Park is a 35-acre park shared and loved by Brooklynites. It is the perfect place to enjoy all sorts of activities like bocce, basketball, handball, swimming, soccer, and much more!


Brooklyn Brewery

The big white cursive “B” on a green backdrop. The logo is iconic, worldwide, and just a taste of all that Brooklyn has to offer. Since 1988, Brooklyn Brewery has been brewing quality craft beer. The Williamsburg-based brewery offers tours, beer tasting, and is the perfect place to try Brooklyn’s iconic beer.


Empire Stores

Referring to a cluster of boutiques ranging from restaurant & dining to cultural centers, the Empire Stores make up the heart of DUMBO’s main shopping area.

Right: Met up with my brother Andrew to continue exploring DUMBO & BK Heights!

West Elm

West Elm’s name in New York has almost become synonymous with Ikea and Sweden. This Brooklyn-based furniture store has a strong presence in New York and prides itself on one thing,

“to help our customers express their personal style at home and in the world”.

I know you’re not planning on buying furniture – or maybe you are, but I added this building on the list because I love the way they repurpose old building here in Brooklyn.

St. Ann’s Warehouse

Don’t be fooled by the warehouse appearance. St. Ann’s has been one of Brooklyn’s leading performing arts institutions for the past 35 years with an array of off-Broadway and independent productions.

Brooklyn Heights

1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

If there’s one word to describe 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, that word is “unreal”. This Brooklyn hotel overlooks Brooklyn and Manhattan with an unparalleled view. On top of that, patrons can dine at the hotel while soaking in some of the best views of the city.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Grimaldi’s Pizza

Pizza is an often debated topic. Finding the best NY pizza is an even more debated topic. I discovered the same debated topic in Naples, Italy. But when it comes to Grimaldi’s Pizza in Brooklyn, any attempt at a debate is squashed by the pizzeria’s world-class pies (pizza pies that is). Despite only opening their doors in 1990, Grimaldi’s feels like it’s been part of Brooklyn since Brooklyn was founded! Serving coal-brick oven pizzas by the pie, Grimaldi’s is a must-go-to stop when you’re in Brooklyn.

Look at the friggin’ line!

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I am not finished with New York by any stretch of the imagination. Aside from the tourist attractions every time I come to Manhattan I feel like I’m coming to a new place. Nine times out of ten what I came to see gets replaced with where I am in the moment. Throw the Brooklyn borough of art into the mix and its another level of newness.

I think my New York Itinerary will always be evolving! 

The brick and mortar stay behind to tell stories while people come and go. As for me, as long as Toronto stays 1:30 minutes away by plane  I will always be coming and going to New York.



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