Prague Things To Do In 48 Hours

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Have you ever been invited to those parties that are hosted by a friend of a friend? Everybody at the party sort of indirectly knows each other – but is only truly linked to each other by the host of the party. For me, events like this are where the city of Prague gets brought up the most and it usually goes like this…

While I’m helping myself to some pretentious cheese and crackers an individual will sort of recognize me, approach me and say:
“Hey, you the guy with the travel blog right?”
Me: “Yes, that’s me”
Individual: “I think I’ve seen your videos on Youtube, their great!”
Me: “Thanks. Did you subscribe to the channel, I do new videos every week”
Individual: “Oh, right I’ve been meaning too, I’ve just been errr busy”

Awkward silence.
Then comes the million dollar question…

Individual: “So you travelled a lot, what’s your favourite place?
My inside voice: “Really? So I need to choose one single place? I’ve been to several cities and towns, in several countries over a few continents and with so many experiences and stories and adventures I need to – for the sack of continuing this pointless conversation, narrow everything down to one city?!?!
Me: “I don’t have one”
Individual: “Well if I’m travelling to Europe for the first time what city would you recommend for my wife and I?
Me: “Prague, Czech Republic”
Individual: “Prague eh, why?”
Me: “Prague is a walkable city. From the Jewish Quarter to the Little Quarter, from the Old Town to the castle all you need are a pair of decent shoes. The Czech Republic produces some of the greatest beer you will ever drink and it’s not expensive. In fact, most things, in general, are not expensive. Somehow Prague was not really affected by any of the ugly world wars that ravaged a lot of Europe, which means near all of the gorgeous architecture you’ll see has not been retouched. Prague also produces some of the finest crystal products but hell, if you just go the for the beer you’ll be happy.”

Now run along and let me enjoy my cheese and crackers. 

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, which is located in central Europe and bordered by Germany. Life is all about a set of experiences which we have with the passage of time. We should go for visiting other countries because it gives time to think about the big questions of life, gain new perspectives, learn about different cultures, and appreciate the glory of nature and to find your true personality. Although 2 days in Prague are not enough to visit all the places in Prague you can visit the basic places. In the lines given below you will get to know about important places in Prague but before we get started here are 21 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting The Czech Capital.

Above Photo Credit: Francesco Maglione

Day 1

The Illusion Factory (Továrna na iluze) Breakfast is number one for Prague things to do. This is an original Czech cuisine, which has the film atmosphere of the early 20th century. Other features which make the worth seeing is the friendly service and a place which adapts to your mood and appetite. You can have your breakfast, lunch or a romantic dinner. Lets start with Breakfast!
prague things to do
prague things to do
prague things to do
Old Town (Stare Město) The Old Town of Prague is the antique settlement of Prague. It is separated from outside by a semi-circular wall. There are many places to visit.
Jewish Quarter (Josefov) When talking about Prague things to do, you must include the Jewish Quarter. It is located between Old Town Square and the Vltava River. Its sizzling history dates from the 13th century, when Jews banned from living in their distinct homes and live here in Prague with new arrivals expelled from Germany, Australia, Moravia and Spain. This place became over- crowded and the inhabitants were forced to withstand structural changes.
prague things to do
Old New Synagogue This is the Old-New Synagogue, which is the oldest monument in the Prague Jewish Ghetto and oldest preserved synagogue in Europe. It has served as a place of worship for over seven hundred years. The building is surrounded by myths and legends.
Old Jewish Cemetery National Geographic magazine listed it among the top ten cemeteries to visit around the world, as it is the oldest surviving Jewish burial grounds in the world. There are about 12,000 tombstones in the cemetery. The most important figures buried here are The scholar and poet Avigdor Kara, The scholar and the teacher, Rabbi Judah Loew Ben Bezalel, The founder of Pinkas Synagogue.
prague things to do
prague things to do
Jewish Ceremonial Hall This Hall was built in 1906- 08, the first floor had a room for the ritual washing of dead. This building became part of the Jewish Museum in 1926. Pinkas Synagogue The Pinkas Synagogue is the second oldest synagogue in Prague. It was originally a place of prayer for the Horowitz family.
Maisel Synagogue This synagogue was erected in 1592 and it was originally a Renaissance temple with three naves. This synagogue was burnt down in the ghetto fire in1689 and was rebuilt several times.
prague things to do
Prague Astronomical Clock It has been one of the greatest treasures of the world for 600 years which is known for its procession of Apostles, visualization of time which is quite different from other clocks.
prague things to do
Church of Our Lady before Tyn It takes some imagination to see the original church in its entirety.
prague things to do
Photo: ©2016 HollyDayz
So for another Prague things to do list item, an awesome travel blogging friend of mine Holly McGuinn from HollyDayz Travel found an awesome spot called U Medvidku
prague things to do
The Dancing House / the Glass House This unique design dancing House is located by the Vltava River. The Glass House offers up choice beer and a beautiful view. Win-win.

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Day 2

Little Quarter (Mala Strana): It is one of the oldest and beautiful neighborhoods in the city. In order to get there we have to cross the Charles Bridge so lets start at one end and make our way to the other.
prague things to do
The Powder Tower or Powder Gate It was built in the 15th century..
prague things to do
The Charles Bridge This historical bridge crosses River Vltava. If you’re into Harry Potter and Harry Potter like buildings, not far from The Charles Bridge is the Clementinum, a historic complex of buildings that include the beautiful Baroque library. Read more here.
prague things to do
Bakery Krusta | Trdelnik When thinking about Prague things to do, you can not and should not go by without trying Trdelnik. Trdelnik is one of the most common pastries which is available in the streets of Prague and tourists should enjoy it.
prague things to do
Church of St Nicholas Is a Baroque church built between 1704-1755 on the site where formerly a Gothic church from the 13th century stood, which was also dedicated to St Nicholas.
prague things to do
John Lennon Wall 2 Days in Prague should give you enough time pass by the John Lennon Wall. The Lennon Wall became a political focus for Prague youth.
prague things to do
St. Vitus Cathedral St. Vitus Cathedral is the masterpiece and the spiritual symbol of the Czech.
prague things to do
Prague Castle and Hradčany It is the most significant monument in Czech
prague things to do
Goulash / Cafe Bercher This is famous for good wines and is a unique place to experience the hospitality.
prague things to do
Crystal Store / Erpet Bohemia Crystal This is the largest store of this kind and is a center of attraction for tourists.
prague things to do

Prague Beer Museum
If your list for Prague things to do does not include beer…Rewrite your list.
This pub has 30 beers at the tap and a menu of Czech bar snacks. With so many choices for beer in one of the cities world renown for making amazing beer it’s tough. In an attempt to stay sober during my time in Prague sampled a bunch but narrowed it down to 3 that I really enjoyed.

  1. Velen – “A perfectly fermented golden amber English beer with a medium-sized creamy head, bouquet of malt, hops, and grass, Velen has a full caramel taste that is pleasantly sweet.”
  2. Gambrinus –  The Nectar of Legends. No seriously, named after Gambrinus, the legendary king of Flanders known for his mythical brewing abilities. Whaaaa.
  3. Staropramen –  Founded in 1869 the Staropramen Brewery is the second largest brewery in the Czech Republic.

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