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Accommodations & Tours (Reviews)

We’ve been using Airbnb since 2012 during our time in Spain and it has become our number one go-to when we start planning our trips. In fact, we love it so much we became Hosts of our own property.

Get up to $62 CAD towards your first trip

When you sign up, you’ll get $45 CAD off your first home booking of $95 CAD or more 

As a rule of thumb, I never look for accommodations in just one place. I used for several locations and found some great places with great prices in great locations. has a pretty versatile inventory that goes beyond just Hotels; you can find B&B’s, ApartmentsResorts, Villas and Guesthouses

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Travel Apps & Travel Gear (Reviews)

Aside from travel, I am a total technology and gear geek.

I have more camera bags than Kim Kardashian has Coach bags!

Landing Gear gives you the latest and greatest travel apps and travel gear updates. One of the keys to Short Trips is to maximize our time in a city by using our travel apps and travel gear.


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Toronto in Time App

The Toronto in Time app will take you back... I just finished my long awaited 48 Hour Toronto Itinerary post.     I say long overdue because Toronto is the city I was born in, raised in, work in and play in. Yet somehow Toronto has eluded me.      I've been to many...

toronto in time app

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Travel Finance

Interviews With Travel Bloggers 

While waiting in the very awesome Departure Lounge at Billy Bishop Toronto Island Airport in Toronto, Canada, I found myself reading through some fantastic blog posts written by fellow travel bloggers about New York (my destination at the time). I thought to myself…

Wouldn’t it be great if I could sit down with these travel bloggers and swap travel stories while we await our flights…

Then I could share those stories, tips, tricks and travel hacks with my readers and other travel bloggers! Yes. Yes, it would.

So, from solo travel, couple travel and family travel to budget travel, luxury travel and adventure travel. I sit down and talk it out with the best travel bloggers on the internet as we await our flights here in the Departure Lounge.