Toronto Pride

Let it all out and be free!


We all are aware of Pride Week in Toronto right?

Well, it’s been upgraded to Pride Month which basically runs for the month of June, ending with the infamous Toronto Pride parade.

The purpose of the parade is to show solidarity with the people who have a certain sexual inclination towards the same gender. It was designed to support these people, which of course it still does but now it’s much bigger than that and stands for so much more. We are here to support each other and respect each other. Whether it is your sexual preference, my skin colour, his choice to not be a bully, her sexual identity, the religion we follow, the list goes on.

In the pride parade, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was also in the march to show unity with the people.

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It’s about trying to Unlearn what we learned regarding various topics (sexual orientation, religion, race etc) and trying to view those subjects with an open-minded lens.

Nowadays this is more important than ever before with everything going on in the world…but it’s not always easy.

We will always have our prejudices. We will always have our bias. We will always have our opinion. We may agree, disagree or agree to disagree and it all ok. It’s all about having a dialogue, trying to understand, asking questions and giving answers. The problem is when we act on those prejudices with hurtful words or violence.


If a person is gay or lesbian then we should accept them the way he or she is. If a person is Jewish or Muslim or Christian try to learn more about their religion and beliefs. I’m not saying we need to like or accept everything put before us. We may leave a conversation on different sides of the fence.

But I can guarantee you that we have all have more things in common than we do things that are different. So let’s focus on those similarities.

Let’s broaden our minds and broaden our thinking pattern. This will not only provide us with the insight to accept people the way they are created.

All Photos from Pride Toronto