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The Toronto in Time app will take you back… 

I just finished my long awaited 48 Hour Toronto Itinerary post.
I say long overdue because Toronto is the city I was born in, raised in, work in and play in. Yet somehow Toronto has eluded me.
 I’ve been to many places overseas and have written several short trips, mini breaks, and weekend getaway posts but have never written one for Toronto. Maybe it’s because I live here and after months on the road I just want to chill. You know, get back to the daily grind, work and start planning the next big adventure.
While filming the be Rudderless video 48 Hour Toronto Itinerary for the post, I opened the door to some interesting Toronto history. This sneak peek into Toronto’s past inspired me to dig a little deeper and in doing so I discover this fantastic app called Toronto in Time.
Toronto in Time is a free mobile app for iOS and Android that highlights the history of Toronto through “then and now” photos, slideshows, trails, and historical stories for more than 150 sites!
Cities In TIme

Through the Toronto in time app, I was able to learn about various inventors, musicians, entrepreneurs, bank robbers, artists, visionaries and dreamers who all helped in the painting of Toronto’s canvas of history. You can search by theme, neighborhood, map, or follow specially curated trails.

“Cities in Time” was conceived by James H. Marsh, Editor in Chief of The Canadian Encyclopedia. He sought to make history interesting, accessible and relevant to the modern person, and using mobile technology seemed like a natural choice. “The most appealing thing about history,” said Mr. Marsh, “is that it’s all around us. There is history in street corners, and in parks, and old storefronts.”

toronto in time

Toronto In TIme App

iTunes Preview

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