Here’s What People Are Saying!!!

“Christopher is the type of person you will really like working with. He has an excellent grasp on video editing and shooting footage and that gets tied together very nicely with his music production skills. He has a natural ability that transcends over all that he does. I would and have recommended him to others and he is the only person I ask to edit footage for me.”

Sophia L. Jackson (SoJay)

Child & Youth Worker / Singer Songwriter, SoJay Soul

“I just want to congratulate Mr Rudder for his films about Serbia because hopefully this will contribute crushing/destroying the wrong impression that Serbs are all killers and that tourists should avoid Serbia by all means. I am Romanian but I have been twice to Belgrade and I love that city! Thanks to Christopher I could see today also the inside of the St Sava cathedral. I have also sent the film about Zica to one of my friends from the Serbian Embassy in Bucharest!
Nice work!”

Marilena Dracea

“I love how Christopher takes us places that we dream of going to. His Uncharted and Landing Gear Episodes that he captures, edits and shares introduce us quickly to get our local bearings in the genuine experience whether it be art, music, food, landmarks or the technology and tools we might like for travel. A very friendly interviewer, Christopher makes it really easy to talk about the focal point at hand. Each week he releases a new episode and I enjoy going somewhere new and getting a piece of it’s essence.”

Jennifer Penney

Apple Specialist, RiverdaleMac|BeachMac|BloorWest

“The video ad that Chris made for us was an amazing way to show that the greek culture still lives outside of Greece. His ability to capture us at work and to express the love we have for our work and the old country was portrayed perfectly. Chris has a great eye in capturing the beauty of any place. We are extremely happy with his work and we are always looking forward to seeing more of his artistic ability.”

George Laganas

Owner & Butcher, Ellas Meat Market

“Christopher is an amazing video editor! He took still images of our hats, mixed it with live video, animation and text and brought our products to life! The videos helped to drive traffic to our website and covert to sales. Christopher will definitely be doing more of our videos in the future!”

Mark Anthony Rudder

Creative Director, The Cap Guys Inc.

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