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The most difficult thing about exploring a city on a stopover or mini-break is that constant battle between what you can control (sites, restaurants, accommodations) and what you can’t control (time). You have a list of things that you know you want to see, do and try but time… time is just not your friend. So naturally, when you start feeling that you won’t have enough of it then you immediately opt to forget the stopover and pay more for a direct flight.

When it comes to maps

Objects in (the) mirror are closer than they appear.

The second difficult thing when it comes to short trips is logistics. Getting from point A to point B seems pretty straightforward but as soon as you start looking at maps things always seem closer to each other that they actually are. Once you start miscalculating the distance between point A and point B you are automatically creating a ripple effect on the one thing you can’t control – time.

Getting your bearings in a city, you’ve never visited before is challenging and over the years I’ve used and reviewed a couple that I still use Google Trips and Offmaps 2. Logistics is almost like an art form, so when my good friend and fellow travel blogger Danielle from The Thought Card told me the Sygic travel app. She said that will help ease the stress of navigating a city in a short time. Boy was she right!

What!! I couldn’t wait to check it out, feature it in my Travel Apps & Travel Gear section and share it with you!

But even better, is Sygic Travel Premium

“Sygic Travel Premium gives you more detailed and practical information sourced from Fodor’s Travel, allows you to download unlimited offline maps with worldwide coverage and use the app offline. You’ll also get offline walking guidance.”
Sygic Travel

Sygic Travel App

Trip Planner & City Guide

Sygic Travel Review:
The Sygic travel app is a trip planning tool that allows you to create your daily itinerary and get your own travel guide – for free. Simply pick your sights and create your itinerary for 1 day, 2 days, 2 weeks etc.

Once you’ve entered the place of arrival (Airport, Train Station port etc) and/or your accommodations and added some points of interest (sites, restaurants, tours, museums, cafe’s, bars etc). Sygic travel will create an itinerary that lists your selections in order based on the distance from, and back to, your accommodation/arrival point.

No more misjudging the distance between points of interest

Not only that Sygic travel will also try to list cafes near the morning time, restaurants near lunch and dinner time and bars/lounges and clubs in the evening time. In addition, it will try and factor in the duration of your selections (tours, museums, art galleries)

Sygic Travel has hand-picked the best things to do all over the world and presented it on a map with beautiful photos and short descriptions which sync’s across your devices and computer.

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