OffMaps 2 – The Cheapest Way To Navigate Abroad

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We all heard the cliche. In order to find yourself, you have to lose yourself.
Yeah, yeah it’s all poetic and beautiful and deep and inspiring but when you only have 48 hours in a city, time is of the essence. 
Getting lost is the best way to explore a city no doubt but being able to find yourself or a coffee shop, or a train stop, or a tourist attraction is good too.
One of the apps I keep in my arsenal that I’ve been using for years is OffMaps 2.
The way off maps works is quite simple. Before you arrive at your destination, preferably while you are still at home or at your favorite coffee shop with wifi and data.
You download the map of the city, town or region you’ll be visiting and create pins of all the place you want to visit. When you arrive at your destination, with your map already downloaded OffMaps 2 uses GPS to put your location on the map.
Since GPS does not require data or wifi and you downloaded you map when you had wifi previously you can say good bye to those ridiculous high roaming charges and data rate charges.
**As an added bonus, since OffMaps 2 doesn’t require data. I tend to put my accommodations pin on the map before I board a taxi and track where the taxi cab is going as we drive to make sure I’m not being taken for a ride…

OffMaps 2

iTunes Preview
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In this video, we show you how to use the OffMaps 2 app.

Video launching on February 16, 2018. Subscribe to my YouTube channel
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