What to see in malta in 3 days


Malta Travel Guide

Officially known as the Republic of Malta, this majestic island country is known for its stunning landscapes and warm weather. The island is steeped in beautiful history, including centuries-old temples, and we have the ultimate Malta travel guide.

Though small, there is much to do on the island, from the relaxing beaches to the fascinating city streets and meeting the friendliest Malta people.
Oh, and for the fans, there are also several Game of Thrones filming locations in Malta.


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  • The first settlers in Malta arrived in 5900 BC and built some of the temples you can still find on the island today. 
  • The Maltese language dates back to 1436, although back then, it was called lingua maltensi.
  • During World War 1, the country didn’t serve in the war and instead became a floating hospital. It gained the nickname ‘the Nurse of the Mediterranean’ for this. 
  • In 2004, Malta joined forces with the EU. 
  • The country then took on the Euro as its currency in 2008. 
  • And in 2018, the country was named the Capital City of Culture in Europe.

Capital City



Largest City


Official Language(s)

English, Maltese


The most commonly used currency in Malta is the Euro. Although some places will also accept payment in US dollars and a few other currencies. The only catch is that you might not get a change in that currency. 


One thing you’ll find plenty of in Malta is food. The locals love their food and prepare and eat it as a celebration. The national dish is Stuffat tal-Fenek which is a rabbit stew. 


You’ll find type G power plugs and sockets when you visit Malta. These have a standard frequency of 50Hz and a standard voltage of 230 V. 


Malta is only 316km2 in size, so getting around is easy, whatever mode of transport you choose. The roads are a little outdated for comfortable bike riding, but motorbikes and scooters get around just as well as cars. 

If you’re going to be driving while you travel Malta, remember that you’ll be driving on the left-hand side of the road. The roads are not all in the best of shape, and you’ll find a number of reckless drivers. But all road signs are in English, so at least you won’t get lost. 

Public Transit 

For those unable to hire a car — or not wanting to brave the roads — the public buses are an extremely affordable option. They are safe, efficient, and reach all the main areas and Malta tourist attractions. 

There are also taxis available in Malta, but these are much more expensive than the buses. For those visiting Malta for the nightclubs, a taxi may just be the best option for getting home. 


Malta is a safe and friendly country. There is very little serious crime to worry about when visiting the island. Although it’s always advised to stay vigilant and watch out for opportunistic criminals. 

Pickpockets and ATM scams are the most common, but it’s also best to use logical caution. So keep your valuables safe and don’t walk around alone at night. It’s also best not to leave valuable items on any of the beaches while you go swimming.