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Kathryn, Kathryn, Kathryn. Where do I start? I first met my fellow Toronto native at one of our Travel Massive events. It was the Hallowe’en edition and oddly enough Kathryn won second place right after our other good friend Kevin from the Wandering Wagars who snagged first. Personally, I should have won. I think I played the role of a gorgeous black person with dreads beautifully.

But I Digress.

That night we bounced around the idea of working together on some video projects and the rest is history.

Kat is wild. She is absolutely 100% unadulterated fun. Full of energy, charm and highly unpredictable at best. However, she is chalked full of skills especially when it comes to editing video. In fact, she’s an award-winning documentary editor. Nothing better than having fun but still getting the job done!

Kat is like that fun Aunt

The one who covers for you, parties with you, pushes you out of your comfort zone, teases you but loves you too!

Name: Kathryn Dickson

Travel Blog | URL: Kathryn Anywhere | www.kathrynanywhere.com

She’s the take-no-prisoners, fuelled by coffee and wine, adrenaline pedal to the metal, Mom of two, life hacks and outdoors expert. She earned her itchy feet in her youth when her parents took her on summer road trips across Canada and ever since, she has been hooked on the notion of always being on the move! With or without her children in tow, she’s collecting airline points and passport stamps as a hobby

  • How do you incorporate the outdoors and adventure into your travels? How do you prepare? Can you give us some tips?

It’s the oddest thing to say – but honestly, I plan my travel and then let the chips fall! I do not put my blog first in terms of what I consider for travel, I more or less dream up my vacation or itinerary and then figure out if I can or will blog about it. Sometimes plans change along the way, so the content changes too.

  • Share one of your favourite travel stories? (Something funny, something touching, something scary or something daring) How do these type of experiences change you as a person?

There’s too many to narrow it down! From the time I met Taye Diggs in a hotel lobby in Pasadena, California and he felt my limp left bicep, to the time I became a certified open water diver in Roatan, Honduras after over-coming panicking being submerged approx 30 feet under and having my mask off in the water, to the time when I did a tandem skydive in Swakopmund, Namibia with Henri – who I met the night before in a bar…. or when I kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland… every adventure is my favourite.

  • What are your top 5 travel rules that you follow every time you travel and why? (Anything from safety to having the best experience)

1.) Never, ever carry all your cash in one place. Stash some in a sock, some in your bra (yes, I shove everything into my boobs!), some in a pocket and some in the wallet. Pickpockets are everywhere.

2.) Always lock your passport up at the hotel or somewhere safe in your accommodations. Try to not carry it along with daytime sightseeing or on excursions where bags can be picked up and moved.

3.) Do not open a map in public, ever. You become a TARGET for scams.

4.) Trust your gut instincts.

5.) Say yes to trying all the local food and drinks.

  • What are your top 5 travel things you must bring in your carry on, purse and/or satchel?

1.) iPhone

2.) portable battery for devices

3.) notebook and pen

4.) prescription sunglasses

5.) clean underwear

*** bonus if room – spare car or train to appease my son.

Filming our web series Wait, What?!

  • What are your top 5 travel hacking tips and tricks?

1.) Book flights on Sunday or Tuesday evenings because they seem to be cheaper. Don’t ask how or why they just are.

2.) Avoid stopovers if possible if flying with small children. It’s worth the extra money to fly direct and get there faster. Cranky children in transit are the worst, especially in a customs line up.

3.) Pack extra diapers, wipes, snacks, sippy cups, crayons, iPad/tablet, headphones, extra clothes for child and mom into carrying on a bag and take with you on the plane. Sounds like a lot but it’s actually not.

4.) When flying to a warmer climate, always have a bathing suit, a clean t-shirt and extra underwear ready in carry-on baggage. Makes for a quick change to dip into pool, ocean, etc.

5.) Make children carry their own backpacks and make them be part of the packing process so they understand the space for their possessions and that they cannot simply hand it off to Mommy to carry.

  • What is the most prized souvenir you brought back from abroad and what’s its story?

That’s a tough question… I used to be one of those crazy tourists who brought back souvenirs from everywhere of everything. Now I kind of refuse to load my bag up with “stuff” when I come home.  Now I would rather have photos with ME in them from the place I was touring through opposed to anything material.

  • Where are you off to next and what are hoping to experience, eat, see and/or learn?

1.) Saskatoon for work

2.) Virginia to hike

3.) Sandbanks to relax

4.) Bonnechere to camp

5.) Chicago for a concert

All in the next 6 weeks!

  • Thanks for taking the time to talk with me about your travel blog. I know you have to go… (She’s literally flying out to Saskatoon for business as we speak!) 

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