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While in St.John’s International Airport, my brother and I were informed of a mechanical delay which was to keep us grounded for a few hours. Thank goodness for this Departure Lounge’s rocking chairs…Newfoundland is quirky like that.

As I got comfy in a rocking chair, in walks a family with 2 of the most adorable kids you will ever see. I immediately thought about what it would be like to have kids with me and have to wait a few hours for a delayed flight…I think I would go crazy.

Kevin and Me @ Batl Axe filming our web series “Wait, What?!”

Families that travel with young children…

You have my respect. As a person who works with children professionally. I couldn’t handle it!

wandering wagars
Kevin and Me @ Travel Massive Toronto – Montreal Tourism Event

My thought was broken as I suddenly recognized my good travel blogging friend Kevin and his wife Christine Wagar form the Wandering Wagars. As they waited for their flight to Twillingate and we waited for our flight to Fogo Island we decided to kill the time by sharing travel stories.

Its a travel blogger thing….

Name(s): Kevin and Christina Wagar

Travel Blog: Wandering Wagars | www.wanderingwagars.com

Blog Content: Family Adventure Travel. The Wandering Wagars are 2 working parents who believe that travel is not just a wonderful way to help their family grow, but also an unmatched educational tool to help their two young boys grow both culture and intellect. They make it a point to travel at every opportunity and when they aren’t travelling, they are talking about it or sharing their stories with others in an effort to encourage more families to travel with their children.

wandering wagars
  • How do you make travelling with kids work. How do you prepare? Can you give us some tips?

Travel with kids offers a few unique set of challenges, but the rewards are well worth the effort. We are both working parents, juggling sports practices, school schedules and a fixed number of vacation days. What we’ve found to be the key to plan family travel is to have a solid understanding of what you want to get out of your trip. Whether it’s a beach resort, a history tour or an adventure fueled journey, knowing what you want out of your trip will help you plan appropriately.
The most important thing to remember is that family travel is not just about your needs, but also those of the kids. By making travel with kids fun, everyone will have a great time, and you’ll build memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

  • Share one of your favourite travel stories. How do these type of experiences change you as a person?

During our travel in Jordan, we finished the last two days exploring the incredible sites around Petra. Our guide, Mohammed, invited us back to his village for tea. Christina and the boys went ahead with him on horseback, while I, with my heavy backpack, opted to walk and save the poor horses the pain.

wandering wagars

As I arrived at the village, I heard laughing and giggling coming from nearby. As I came around a corner, I found my two boys, laughing, playing and sharing their snacks with some local Bedouin children. I loved how these two groups of children, who grew up on opposite sides of the planet and didn’t speak a word of each others language were able to find common ground in such simple pleasures.

  • What are your top 5 travel hacking tips and tricks?
  1. Google Flights and SkyScanner are fantastic tools for finding amazing deals on flights.
  2. Using a points credit card is a great way to take the edge off the cost of travel. We buy everything on our points credit cards to maximize our rewards.
  3. Google Maps can be enabled for use offline. This lets you plan your trip and avoid costly data charges.
  4. Getting food from markets and grocery stores is a great way to save on restaurant costs.
  5. Ask! Sometimes just by asking for lounge access or an upgrade, amazing things can happen!
wandering wagars
  • What are your top 5 travel rules that you follow every time you travel and why?
  1. Always carry enough cash to get you through an emergency
  2. Bring a backup credit card, and let the companies know where you’ll be travelling to.
  3. Always have snacks and water on hand. Hanger is not your friend.
  4. Always eat the local food and immerse yourself in the local culture as much as possible.
  5. Be prepared and keep your kids healthy on the road. Bring an emergency kit and check with a doctor to see if you need vaccines.
wandering wagars
  • What are your top 5 travel things you must bring in your carry on, purse and/or satchel?
  1. A camera – One that can take some abuse and get wet. A GoPro or Olympus TG-4 Tough are great ways to keep the weight down and get great shots.
  2. Food and drink – Crucial to ensure we can deal with any unforeseen situation, whether it be a broken down car, or a hike that went way too long.
  3. Baby wipes – Sanitizing wipes are a good, lightweight way to keep your hands and face clean on the road, and deal with unexpected spills.
  4. Change of clothes – A full set for the kids and an extra shirt for the adults. Just in case.
  5. Sunblock – Even on cloudy days the sun can bake you pretty good. We always have sunscreen to keep away the burn.
  • What is your most prized souvenir you brought back from abroad and what’s its story?

While in the town of Arenal in Costa Rica, we came upon a small shack run by members of the Boruca tribe. They were selling these intricate handmade masks that were so brilliantly coloured and detailed that we couldn’t look away. We had an amazing chat with them and learning all about the meaning of the masks, as well as their history. We bought one that we fell in love with, and now make a point to trying to find local and native masks in almost every country we visit.

wandering wagars
  • Where are you off to next and what are hoping to experience, eat, see and/or learn?

At this very moment we are packing for a trip to South America. We are flying in to Buenos Aries in Argentina before visiting the Iguazu area with stops in Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. After that we are flying down to Patagonia, our eldest is obsessed with penguins, so we will be visiting a nesting penguin colony for an up-close and personal experience. After we return we have plans to visit Canada’s Northwest Territories to hopefully witness the amazing Northern Lights and to do some dog-sledding, before heading back down south to Peru to experience the majesty of Machu Picchu.

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