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What would you do if…

While crossing the border from Jordan into Palestine the souvenir sword you purchased starts setting off every single security alarm and light? You are accused of carrying a weapon and brought into the office for further interrogation.

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Katherine is a freelance writer covering travel, lifestyle, literature, & culture. Her work has appeared in Architectural Digest, Departures, Forbes, The Week, Business Insider, TripSavvy, The Daily Beast, World Travel Magazine, Tasting Table, Elite Daily, Popsugar, Brit + Co, Go Overseas, Quest Magazine, and the Recorder Newspapers, where she began her career as a reporter. She earned her master’s degree with honours in literature from the New School.

Katherine Parker-Magyar

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Resources, Tips & Tricks:

  • Look into having your hotel ship your valuable items or possible items like knives and swords that could be taken away at customs. Even though it’s a souvenirs rules around what accepted and not accepted differ from airport to airport
  • Being upfront with security about what’s in your suitcase can possibly cause an alarm to go off
  • Look at what allowed in your carryon and things differ from country to country
  • Label where you bought things so you can remember where everything came from.



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