Hitlist app: Travel Inspiration Meets Travel Deals.

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For this edition of Landing Gear, I have another app that will save you money on flights. The Hitlist App!


Hey, wait. Where are you going?

Ok, ok, yeah I know every flight-related app is trying to save you money on flights. I have yet to hear of an app that’s trying to charge you more for flights.

So what makes this app different besides the obvious? Well, my friends, the devils in the details. 

First of all, it’s powered by Skyscanner so that’s always a win and those who use Skyscanner tend to have an idea where they want to go. They are willing to watch a flight, wait for the price to drop, compare airfare, etc.

But more importantly,  it challenges the convention that some places are “too far away” or “too expensive to get to – Greg Rose.

One of TIME’s 50 Best Apps of 2016 and featured in the New York Times, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, The Next Web, LifeHacker, CNBC and more.
Hitlist inspires you with unique travel ideas, then using Skyscanner’s platform finds you the deals on flights. For example:

In it’s Featured List will inspire you with destinations based on unique themes. 

“10 Can’t-Miss Cultural Festivals”, “Green Cities”, Off-the-grid Yet Accessible Camping”, “Destinations Where The $ is $trong”, “Gray Malin’s Hitlist” etc… The list gets updated often so the inspiration stays fresh.

In addition to the Featured List, you have your familiar “Suggested Trips”, “Most Popular” and my personal favourite “Weekend Getaways” which I am currently in the process of using to book my weekend flight to Boston. (As demonstrated in the video)

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When you tell Hitlist about the trips you want to take by adding them to your Hitlist the Hitlist app will tell you when or where to go.
By scanning millions of fares the app produces the best deals, tailor made just for you, your interests and your itinerary.

  • Receive highly targeted travel deals via email or push notifications.
  • Access amazing flight deals based on flexible dates or destinations.
  • Browse beautiful photos of all your dream destinations.
  • Search broadly by continents, regions, beaches, islands, activities, and more.
  • View historical airfare prices and make smarter travel purchases.
  • See where your friends want to go and plan your next trip together!

So technically, yes the Hitlist App is another app that finds you great deals on flights but I really like its inspirational approach to finding you deals on flights. And these days we can all do with a little more inspiration.


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