EXIT Festival 2013 Videos

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EXIT Festival 2013 Videos

In Episode 1/Day 1 Sunny Shine takes us to see: Kanda Kodza i Nabojsa and Snoop Dogg / Snoop Lion performance and press conference. EXIT Festival 2013, Novi Sad, Serbia

In Episode 2/Day 2 Sunny Shine takes to see: The Prodigy and take with some fans after the show. EXIT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

In Episode 3/Day 3 Sunny Shine takes to see: Ana Popovic. She speaks with some of her band members and Serbian hip hop artists: Priti Bee Gee. EXIT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

In Episode 4/Day 4 Sunny takes to arguably one of the most beautiful beaches on the Danube, Štrand. She mingles with some EXIT fans as they relax then in the evening she heads over to the Reggae stage to speak with Nemanja Kojić, better known by his stage name Hornsman Coyote. EXIT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

On the final day Episode 5/Day 5 Sunny takes us to hang out at the Reggae Stage & thew Beats & Riffs Stage to speak with some local Yugoslavian artists. Sajsi MC & B.K.O. & Lollobrigida. EXIT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

Extended Snoop Dogg Q & A EXIT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

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