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2 Days In London 

As it would seem, I tend to have family all over the place. London is no exception. I have a lot of family here. So most of my time here was spent with them, visiting this Uncle and that cousin which was very important for me so I want to give my love to all of you. But most of my time was spent with my cousin Chris, his Mother and his sons.

Chris and I go way back, hanging out as kids when he would come to visit me in Toronto. Spending time and reconnecting really made me feel at home.

But what I’m really excited about is Chris’ new book. A Product Of My Environment which is a true life story written in memory of his son and represents an emotional journey in a London far removed from the glitz and glamour the world sees. The book exposes the reality of urban youths growing up in London’s inner city. Well done Couz! And since it’s my blog I get to promote it. It’s the least I could do for being a super host.

Day 1

2 days in london

Buckingham Palace

If you have 2 days in London, start with one of Britain’s most exemplary buildings, Buckingham Palace is also the scene of London’s most popular display of changing guards.

Buckingham Palace was built in 1837 and has been the London residence of the Royal Family since Queen Victoria’s accession.

When the royal standard is flying at the flagpole day and night it means she is at home. When she is away, visitors can purchase tickets for a tour of the State Rooms, the Queen’s Gallery and the Royal Mews.

Palace of Westminster:

The Palace of Westminster, usually called the Houses of Parliament, is situated alongside the river Themes. It was designed by the architect Charles Barry. Big Ben is a huge bell in the Elizabeth Clock Tower. This palace is known for its centuries old traditions. There are a gymnasium and hair salon. The building contains over 100 staircases and 3 miles of a corridor which might cut into you time if you only have 2 days in London.

2 days in days
2 days in london

Westminister Abbey:

Westminster Abbey, once known as the Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster, is a large, Gothic just to the west of the Palace of Westminster.

2 days in London

London Eye

2 days in London must include Europe’s largest observation wheel. London eye offers you the chance to see London from a unique perspective.

You have not seen the good side of London until you have experienced it individual glass capsules, which offer spectacular views of the city as you embark on a circular tour rising 443ft above the Themes.

The journey lasts 30 minutes.

2 Days In London

St. Paul’s Cathedral

This is the largest and famous church in London. The spectacular cathedral with twin Baroque towers and magnificent 365 ft. The dome is a masterpiece of English architecture.

2 days in london

Tower Bridge

120 years ago Tower bridge was opened by prince Whales and it is one of the interesting places one should visit during the tour.

2 days in london

Tower Of London:
The Tower of London is located on the north bank of river Themes. The white tower has four corners and has three stories. It has become a place to house high- status prisoners. Many people believe that the tower of London is haunted and they have seen the ghosts.
**Many people believe that the Tower of London is haunted. People report to have seen the ghosts of Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Gray and the murdered Princes.

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Day 2

Afternoon Tea & Biscuits: 2 Days In London

2 days in london

Alexandra Palace

There is an international-sized ice rink, open all year round. Each year 30,000 visitors visit here. While here my cousin Chris and I caught up over a Foster’s beer.

2 days in london

Stratford Centre

This is the largest shopping mall in London with 250 shops plus 70 places to dine and a huge cinema.

2 days in london

The O2:
This is a music club, an exhibition space, pizzas, bars and restaurants. It is a large dome shaped building located on the Greenwich peninsula in South East London.  The O2 arena is also called O2 dome or O2 center.

2 days in london

Fish & Chips:
Fish and chips are essential part of London cuisine whether it is served on the newspaper or expensive cutlery, you can’t leave London without sampling those hot piping hot chips and battered fish.

2 days in london

Afternoon Tea:
Be sure to experience an unforgettable afternoon tea in London. I’m still waiting for my invite from the Queen.


London is quite a safe place for tourists and shows many faces with different attractions, picturesque sceneries, historical monuments, many green parks and modern entertainment. If you’re looking to take some great pics of London, check out this post: Photographing London

You can find hotels with breakfast at affordable prices throughout the whole of Central London including areas Victoria, Kensington, and Covent Garden. That being said London not cheap.

As a Canadian, the last check on the exchange rate means 20.00 CAD will buy me 10.00 GBP. Ouch…that hurts. This means that when the price tag or menu item says 10.00, it’s not a discount.


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