10 Things To Squeeze Into Your 2 Days In Sydney

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2 Days in Sydney? Lets do it!

If 48 hours is a small amount of time to enjoy everything even your hometown has to offer. The question is how can one enjoy the overwhelming number of beauties a metropolis like Sydney has to offer? Should you decide to escape to the land down-under for your weekend getaway and end up “making your port” in Sydney, make sure to squeeze these ten things into 2 days in Sydney.
2 days in sydney

2 days in Sydney should start off with Sydney Tower

You’ve just arrived at the city and your senses are already oversaturated with impressions? Why not get your bearings by climbing up Sydney Tower where you can enjoy an impressive panorama and orient yourself properly? It’s not only a pivotal city landmark, it is also a good starting point for any newcomer.
2 days in sydney

That icon, Sydney Opera House

Of course, who can mention landmarks or let the maiden Sydney visit pass, no matter how short it is, without venturing out to marvel at Sydney Opera House. This unique piece of architecture is an eye-candy of Bennelong Point and an iconic symbol often associated with Sydney. In fact, to many people who had never visited this city, it’s downright synonymous with Sydney.
2 days in sydney
  •  Take a stroll in the Botanic Gardens
It’s one of the oldest public gardens on a southern hemisphere. Much like Central Park in New York City, the intention was to create a tranquil spot rich in greenery and fresh air in the middle of a concrete jungle. If you get tired during your hectic day, you can come here and have a moment of respite.
2 days in sydney

Marvel at Sydney Government House

It’s located near the Botanic Gardens, so you don’t have an excuse not to appreciate the colonial-style outline of a building that has been home to 27 governors over 170 years since it was built. Since the building is surrounded by greenery, it’s another perfect spot for relaxation.
2 days in sydney

Don’t miss the history

Who could have known that a penal colony will turn into one of the most vibrant cities in the world? The history of Sydney is as colorful as it is strange and there are numerous museums sprinkled around the city to keep the stories alive. Therefore, it would be best if you chose a few historical museums out of the bunch to visit.

Visit the Queen Victoria Building


While we are on the subject of history, did you know that Sydney is steeped in Victorian architecture? You’ll have many interesting buildings from the latter nineteenth century to gawk at, but don’t miss to take a close inspection of the legendary Queen Victoria Building. It’s not only for show either, it has been turned into a hub of stores you can walk into and go on a shopping spree, but if you are looking for the bargain deals, visit the basement – the prices get higher as you venture up the stairs.
2 days in sydney

Plunge into the SEA LIFE

Sydney Aquarium You will remember this experience for the rest of your days. Just like Sydney Opera House, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is a must-visit location for every newcomer. This underwater adventure will lead you through winding corridors surrounded by nothing but a few inches of glistening glass separating you from maritime life.  
2 days in sydney

Stay in an interesting hotel

Why would you stay in your run-o’-the mill hotel when you can rent a room in one of interesting boutique hotels in Sydney, that offer unique and stylish surroundings? Sydney has some of the most interesting boutique hotels you could ever visit, so take a chance while you’re there.
2 days in sydney

Hit Bondi Beach…

This is sort of a second-day material – you’ll want to spend as much time on this world-famous beach as you possibly can, and it’s best to stretch out and relax over a lazy afternoon before you hit the road home.
2 days in sydney

And discover Coogee

You won’t get this recommendation all that often. If you are up for some more adventuring and the Sydney run-around has boosted your energy instead of depleting it, take a walk across the stretch of coastline starting with Bondi beach. Walk past Bronte, Waverley Cemetery and Clovelly Bowls Club until you hit Gordon’s Bay and stumble upon Coogee, a beach of bathed in azure waves that will take your breath away. Take a walk to Dolphin’s Post and have a refreshment in Coogee Pavilion’s rooftop bar for a complete experience.

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2 days in sydney
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